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A Just Uskudar
Project: Landscape Design III

Year: 6th Semester


What is Justice? Is it equality or equity? 

How about the space? The perceived, experienced, physical extent.


What is a Just City?

Just city is a space where every citizen regardless of color, origin, gender or income has equal access to the resources, lives in healthy environments and has the right to participate in the change according to their needs. The place where one can “belong”, the place where one can be “free”.


How about the “freedom” then? Can one person be “more free” from one another? Where is the limit of ones freedom?


According to Arendt, true freedom is neither the negative liberty which is freedom from external restraint on one's actions, nor positive liberty, having the possession of the capacity to act upon one's free will, but rather a neutral liberty understanding, where every person acts on a public sphere respecting each other's rights and thus, produces uncertain and uncontrollable, organic results


“Humans are free as long as they are taking action, while they are out and about. It’s neither earlier nor later than that.


“Freedom is only real and existing, when it is demonstrated on a public realm.

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AR experience 
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A user problem analysis video was created on the early phases of project.

User Problem Lejantı sadece.jpg

The users of Uskudar was analysed through categorization of both users and their problems. The results are spatially mapped to better illustrate the clusters of problems occuring on Uskudar.

One main issue of Uskudar is the personal vehicle and parking density in shore area. To redistribute the huge parking areas on Uskudar meydan to general Uskudar, Car Park Suitability/Walkability Analysis and Road Hieararchy Analysis is made.

app gösterimi.jpg

While redistributing parking areas to suitable inner streets, a technique called "Woonerf Street Concept" is used. Then finding parking spaces made easier by a mobile application, "parkUskudar"

1000 stratehji a3.jpg

The reorganization of Uskudar Meydan is made on 1:1000 scale. 

Uskudar Meydan is reorganized with every actor and user in mind, reconnecting the transportation, green and markets axis.

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